Abhaya Addiction Recovery Centre (AARC)

Abhaya Addiction Recovery Centre is an offshoot of the Abhaya Group of Institutions, committed to the care, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of addiction to mood-altering substances and alcohol.

AARC is a 60-bed, state-of-the-art facility that has been architecturally designed in consultation with a group of psychiatrists and psychologists in order to meet the special needs of addicts. The facility is ideally located about 25 kilometers from heart of Bengaluru, in a serene area off Kanakapura Road, in the vicinity of Thathguni Post. Abhaya Addiction Recovery Centre is housed in a spacious four-acre, greened landscape in a serene valley. We believe that this will provide a tranquil and soothing atmosphere to facilitate the recovery process.

Abhaya's Rehabilitation Centre established has grown to be one of the most distinguished Psychiatric rehabilitation care centers in India today. Over the time, the centre has mastered the skills of delivering the best and reliable form of mental and psychiatric rehabilitation care. This experience has given Abhaya's Recovery Rehabilitation Centre the scope to understand its clients at the utmost. AARC caters to specific needs of the clients by providing them with a diverse kind of accommodation to do its best to ensure that the client experiences the 'Home away from Home' experience.

Our Objectives:

At AARC, we offer a comprehensive, reliable, qualified clinical and socio-psychological care to addicts of all ages and walks of life, helping them to recover, heal, and lead productive lives.

We aim to:-

  • Help our patients achieve absolute abstinence from addictive substances and provide them with the tools and information required to live a drug- and alcohol-free life.
  • Facilitate their integration into the family and society so as to enable him to play healthier roles
  • Enable them to be self-respecting, financially independent, and intellectually productive
  • Minimize disability and relapses
  • Enhance cohesiveness and promote healthy inter-personal relationships among the family members of the addict
  • Regenerate and rejenuvate the emotional atmosphere in the family of the afflicted and augment emotional health and well being
Living Facilities and Infrastructure :

AARC offers three types of accommodation:

  • Single Family room with bath and toilet attached, where a family member can stay with the patient
  • Two- and three-bedded rooms with a shared attached bath and toilet
  • A dormitory with 8 to 10 beds with a shared bath room and toilet

Each type of accommodation is well-equipped with individual storage space for personal belongings. Nurses and ward-aids keep 24 hour vigilance.

AARC's infrastructure was created with a lot of thought towards providing a physically and intellectually stimulating and spiritually soothing environment to residents.

AARC is equipped with a state of the art Medical ICU for emergency care.

It features well-equipped lecture halls for conducting health-education classes, counseling chambers for individual and group therapy and interaction sessions, and a spacious hall for prayer, yoga and meditation sessions.

Our patients are actively encouraged to keep themselves intellectually engaged and physically active by taking advantage of AARC's magazine and newspaper library; indoor games like table tennis, carom, and chess; and outdoor games like volleyball.